sale of auction PROPERTies

Our expertise is of fast disposal of NPA properties and creating a fast and quick recovery. Today’s changing real estate market dynamics and the volatile world in which our industry operates require knowledge and intelligence to create competitive advantage like never before. We deliver market analysis and insights that drive value in real estate and support successful strategies for NPA asset. Our team of associates of engineers and project management professionals in the field of Property management. We take support of professionally managed and the management team includes experienced and qualified personnel drawn from corporate world with varied specialization into
engineering and residential/ commercial property sales. It has a highly competent sales team to deliver the work undertaken.
To create value in property we evaluate projects and properties on several key dimensions and provide our inputs. Our huge and varied database of interested purchaser and investors helps to dispose of the asset at fair market value by highlighting amenities, location specification, which eventually satisfies the client.
Post purchase assistance such as property registration, handing over peaceful possession and smooth transfer of documents.

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