DEBTKRAFT is among one of the best Professional Custodian Services Agency. We have associated with many security agency/ Manpower Agency for the safe guard the Bank’s Physical property. So that we monitored smoothly to the property . All manpower/ Security guard hired from our associates are well trained. Before hiring we give priority to the Ex-Defense/Para-Military/NCC/Home-Guards personnel and are educated Civilians selected from all-over the country and are imparted thorough training in all aspects of Security, First-Aid, fire-fighting, physical drill and even etiquette. They are comparatively educated, moderately well paid and thoroughly trained and screened and apparently have less chance to become inefficient or disloyal. Our staff maintains a constant visit on all incoming / outgoing men, materials, machines, leakage of water, wastage of electricity etc. A report of the above including attendance will be submitted to you by the Officer-in-charge. Our officials are conducting surprise checks during any time of the day or night. Complete security/ Custodian will be provided at times of EMERGENCY, LABOUR UNREST, STRIKE, ‘HARTAL’, DISASTER, CALAMITY etc. along with Body-guards & Gunmen.

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